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Bastogne & Battle of the Bulge Guided Tours

With Henri Mignon

tel : +32 (0)61 21 35 02,
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Native of Bastogne (born in 1936).
Child witness and victim of the Battle.
Retired Artillery Officer, has studied Tactics and Military History at the Military Academy in Brussels.
Specialist of the Battle of the Bulge, long experience with Veterans and Actors of the Battle, has been escorting WWII Veterans back to their battlefield since 1965.

Day 1 - You meet up with your guide Henri Mignon in the Hotel Melba and attend a short lecture to remind you of the headlines of the Battle. After that we start at the McAuliffe Square with its famous Sherman tank and discover the town before to go to the Mardasson monument and the Bastogne Historical Center. Peace Woods will be our next stop. From there we visit important sites around Bastogne: the Bois Jacques with the "foxholes" of the "Easy Company" (made famous in "Band of Brothers"), Foy, the Combat Team Desobry in Noville, the German Cemetery in Recogne, Champs, Longchamps, the Fort Boguess where the encirclement was broken by the 4th Armored Division and the "Desolation Corner" in Villers-La-Bonne-Eau. We end the day by a trip to La-Roche, a famous tourist resort with its feudal Castle. The town was liberated in January 45 by the US together with the British troops. Lunch on your own in Bastogne and dinner in the Hotel Melba.

Day 2 - Today, we have a long trip across the Battlefield and visit a monument in honour of the 82d Airborne Division in Sart, then Vielsalm where we study the withdrawal of the 7th Armored Division, Sankt-Vith, and the Headquarters of the 106th Infantry Division. We continue to the "Siegfried Line" or "West Wall" with the "Dragon Teeth". From the German border we follow the attack route of "Kampfgruppe Peiper", spearhead of the entire German attack plan; we go through the Losheim Gap, Lanzerath, Bullingen, Baugniez, place of the infamous "Malmedy Massacre". We continue through Ligneuville, Stavelot, Trois-Ponts, scene of a valiant stand by the U.S. Engineer troops in their attempts to stop Peiper. We visit the "December 1944" Museum in La Gleize and watch the film taken by "Kriegsberichte" combat cameramen attached to the 1st SS Panzer Division. On our way back to Bastogne, we stop in Houffalize, junction point of the 1st and 3d U.S. Armies in the counter-attack, on 16 January 1945. A last stop to watch a German Panther tank. Lunch on your own in the "Carrefour" in Malmedy and dinner in the Hotel Melba.

Day 3 - This morning, we drive to Hamm Luxembourg where we pause to pay our respects to the fallen, including the late general George S. Patton Jr. We also pay a short visit to the German Cemetery in Zandweiler . Then, we move to Echternach, a famous tourist resort, which was the Southern Shoulder of the Bulge. We continue to Diekirch where we visit the National Military History Museum. Before reaching the bridging site of Dasbourg on the Our River, we drive through the "Sky Line Drive". From Dasbourg, we follow the 2d Panzer Division's axis of advance West via Marnach to Clervaux pausing to discuss the defense of these towns by the 110th Regiment of the 28th Infantry Division. We continue towards Bastogne through Antoniushof, Fe'itsch, Longvilly, Mageret and Neffe and study on site the action of the Combat Team Cherry. Lunch in the "Cactus", Diekirch and dinner in Hotel Melba.

REMARK: That program can be adapted or modified on request, according to the desiderata of the visitors.


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